Draft details published: clearing the fog for B2B mandate in Germany

On 13.6.2024, the Federal Ministry of Finance ("BMF") published the draft of an official letter aiming to clarify open questions surrounding the upcoming e-Invoicing mandate.
New country coverage - Austria

E-Invoicing Compliance in Austria: The Complete Guide

The Invoicing Hub now covers a 18th country: Austria, with regular e-invoicing news & detailed country profile.
Collage of 3 photos taken during the e-Rechnungsgipfel in Berlin on June 2024 and the official poster of the event

E-Rechnungsgipfel 2024: countdown to B2B e-Invoicing in Germany

Taking stock of progress to date, the German e-Invoicing community gathered in Berlin for their traditional e-Rechnungsgipfel on June 10/11, 2024, with many discussions revolving around the upcoming B2B e-invoicing mandate.
New country coverage - USA

E-Invoicing Compliance in the USA: The Complete Guide

The Invoicing Hub now covers a 17th country: USA, with regular e-invoicing news & detailed country profile.

GENA General Assembly Highlights

The Global Exchange Network Association (GENA) held its General Assembly in Utrecht (NL) on June 6, bringing together a wide range of leading e-invoicing players in the market.
OpenPeppol illustration of a world map connected by a big network

Peppol Conference 2024 key takeaways

Evolution of the Peppol BIS format and a potential merger of OpenPeppol & GENA were some of the main announcements made during the Peppol Conference 2024.

E-Invoicing Compliance in Malaysia: The Complete Guide

The Invoicing Hub now covers a 16th country: Malaysia, with regular e-invoicing news & detailed country profile.
ECOFIN on ViDA (14.5.2024)

ECOFIN meeting on 14.5.2024 does not adopt ViDA (yet)

The β€œVAT in the Digital Age” (ViDA) package achieved unanimous agreement on Digital Reporting (DRR) and Single VAT registration but failed to be adopted due to Estonia’s concerns on tax rules for β€œdeemed suppliers” in digital platforms.
Aerial photo of the skyline of Warsaw, capital of Poland

E-invoicing will become mandatory in Poland in 2026

New dates have been set at the beginning of 2026 for the implementation of the e-invoicing mandate in Poland.
Mr Dennis Lui, IRAS’ Deputy Commissioner (Indirect Taxes, Law & Investigation Group), stands on the stage behind a desk with microphones, addressing a gathering of specialists and journalists, and announces the GST InvoiceNow Requirement during the IMDA’s InvoiceNow Industry Day

Singapore moves towards mandatory e-reporting of invoicing data

The Singapore Tax Authority (IRAS) has announced an upcoming "GST InvoiceNow Requirement" which will gradually enforce businesses to automatically transmit their e-invoicing data.
Aerial photo of the German Bundesrat (Federal Council)

It’s official: B2B Electronic Invoicing starts on 1.1.2025 in Germany

Today, on 22.3.2024, the German Bundesrat approved and finalized the German Growth Opportunities Act (Wachstumschancengesetz) including strong political moves towards digitalization of both the private and public sector.